Our aim is to be the “people our dogs think we are”

Our philosophy is in our name. DYAS is an ancient Greek word meaning “two fighting as one”. When all else was lost during battle, Greek warriors could always count on the other half of their Dyas to fight their way out of any situation. There is no one we would rather have at our side than our dogs. They are equal, willing and loyal partners that we can depend on to fight with us until the end.

Respect and trust are the foundation which our dogs are built on. We use leadership through open and honest communication. We can give you the tools and confidence to do things with your dog you never thought possible. We build well rounded dogs by working agility, scent and protection with our dogs. All the special gifts dogs are given enhance each other. To neglect one, will diminish the other.

Our philosophy is a culmination of the relationship that has evolved between man and dog over thousands of years. We would never ask our dogs to do something we wouldn’t be willing to do ourselves.  We do not dominate, subjugate or spoil our dogs. Build the right relationship with your dog and they will do whatever you ask of them, simply based on the love and respect they have for you.