All of our dogs can identify multiple weapon systems (edged, blunt and small arms) and how they are commonly employed. They can prioritize the threat to themselves and their handler based on the type of weapon and the proximity to the team.

Dyas K9 subcontracts all professional services through Third Eye K9. We specialize in man hunting and contact dogs. Our training will greatly increase your K9 team’s chances of surviving any confrontation with armed non-compliant individuals. By teaching your K9s how to think and subdue armed individuals with or without their handler, they stand a better chance of success.

We do this through a very methodical process of teaching dogs to distinguish different weapon systems and the threat they pose to dog and handler. Once your dogs understand how certain weapons are used and the effect they have, the dog can learn how best to mitigate the danger and disable the threat.

Professional Services:

Like with our dogs, all training is individually tailored to meet your specific needs. All of our training and consulting is delivered in a professional and ego free manner. If you have a specific need not listed please contact us. If your needs are K9/handler related, chances are we can help. For pricing and availability please contact us. All professional inquires must be submitted on departmental letter head.

Scent / Detection –  Man tracking both hostile and non-hostile, building and perimeter searches, explosives and narcotics detection, cadaver detection, and all aspects of Search and Rescue (SAR) from selection to integration.

Dog Deployments / Apprehension Techniques for deploying multiple dogs, deploying dogs against multiple aggressors, deploying dogs in and out of vehicles. Search of transport of adversary, teaching dogs and handlers to fight with and without one another, riot and crowd control.


Socialization / Obedience and Stability / Agility – Socialization to the tools and weapon systems commonly used by LE / military teams, socialization to aircraft, boats and all forms of motorized vehicles. Obedience and stability under stress both on and off lead to ensure the safety of teammates operating around K9 teams, including riding in vehicles, aircraft or while engaging adversaries. Agility training includes climbing ladders, scaling walls, crawling through pipes and tunnels, rappelling or any other task you need your dog to do.

Kennel Management and Handler / Decoy Development – We advise and consult on kennel design and utilization, building of obstacle courses, socialization and maintenance of K9 equipment. We train handlers to increase their skills and communication while operating with a K9. We provide training for decoy/helper development, proofing a dog, and proper agitation techniques during muzzle / bite work.

Specialized training for professionals – We offer specialized training for discriminating professionals. We are outside the box thinkers, so if there is any type of unique training you require please don’t hesitate to ask. We will tailor a training plan to accomplish any goal.

Check out our partner’s website- THIRD EYE K9


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