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Leather collars:

2” Wide leather tracking / agitation collars

These collars are handmade craftsmanship at its finest. At Dyas K9 we prefer quality and craftsmanship over tacticool fads. While nylon and other synthetic fibers have their place and are useful for specific applications, we try to use leather whenever possible. As my mentor told me, “Leather has life in it”. We believe that energy runs between a dog and his handler. That energy is best conveyed by natural fibers like leather.

As well as being a better conductor of energy, leather is also made to last. If you treat leather with respect and care it will last decades. The people that we work dogs with are the same people that understand the difference between flashy overpriced tactical gear and truly timeless tools that will last you a lifetime. Not only does leather have a timeless look but it also feels ergonomic in your hand and will not burn your hands if your dog pulls it through your hand.